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太乙观瀑图 A Taoist Contemplating Waterfalls

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Artist: Li, Weisong 李巍松

Media: Chinese Painting on Rice Paper

Size: 18 x 39 in. (45 x 98 cm)





Ink wash painting, a unique experience cherished by traditional literati, reached its peak during the Song Dynasty. It represents an artistic form that integrates Daoist and Zen philosophical thoughts, embodying the quintessence of Chinese humanistic spirit. In ancient times, those who were well-versed in Laozi's philosophy and actively practiced it were referred to as "Taiyi" by literati.

This artwork, inspired by the poetic sentiments of Tang Yin, depicts a valley with swaying pine and cypress trees, white mist hanging high, and a recluse perilously seated on a rugged cliff. In serene contemplation of the moving winds and cleansing the heart through the waterfall, it conveys a sense of dissipation and leisure that only those of a reclusive nature can truly appreciate.

The Ink Wash Series also serves as a technique for the artist, not only inheriting the tradition of ink wash expression but also showcasing the accumulated knowledge of traditional Chinese studies with a focus on the simultaneous cultivation of Buddhism and Daoism. The proverb "Skill lies beyond the painting" finds profound realization in the artist's practice.

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太乙观瀑图  A Taoist Contemplating Waterfalls
太乙观瀑图  A Taoist Contemplating Waterfalls
太乙观瀑图  A Taoist Contemplating Waterfalls