饗 Feast

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Artist: Huang Bo 黄波

Media: Chinese Calligraphy on Rice Paper

Size: 23 x 27 in (58 x 69 cm). 


饗 Feast(金文 Bronze Script)

 《说文解字》饗,鄉人饮酒.也。 《左传》成十二年,享以训恭俭,宴以示慈惠。注:享同饗

In "Shuowen Jiezi," it is described that "feast" (饗) means villagers drinking wine together. In "Zuo Zhuan," during the twelfth year of Duke Cheng, it states that feasting is to teach respect and frugality, and banqueting is to show kindness and generosity. Note: "享" (xiang) is the same as "饗" (xiang).

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