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时空轮回 甲骨喻今


登记&展览 Registration & Exhibition 1:00 PM

演讲 Lecture 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

日期 Date Jun 22, 2024, Sat

地址 Address 13-100 West Beaver Creek Rd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1H4

艺术家简介 Artist Bio

黄波,号垣庐。一九五八年八月生于四川成都。自幼好古文书法,问学蜀中,得到余兴公、李诗鍔、杨国才等饱学之士教诲,“秦以后书不读,汉以后字不习”。 一九七七年开始,历时二年,摹写编辑新中国出土商周铜器的铭文,成《殷周金文集录》一书,后由四川人民出版社出版。一九七九年入四川大学历史系,师从中国著名历史学家、古文字学家徐中舒先生。参加先生主编的中国第一部《甲骨文字典》编写工作。八年时间里摹录甲骨文原拓字形五万余字,卜辞例句二万余条,并编写其中第十一卷。一九八八年由四川辞书出版社出版。其间受徐中舒先生治学思想影响,确立了在古文字学,先秦史及书法金石等方面的研究方向,并写成《甲骨文契刻风格与断代的关系》等文。

Huang Bo, also known as Yuanlu, was born in August 1958 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Since childhood, he has been fond of classical literature and calligraphy. He sought learning in the region of Shu (Sichuan), receiving guidance from accomplished scholars such as Yu Xinggong, Li Shige, and Yang Guocai, among others. His motto was "After the Qin Dynasty, books should not be neglected; after the Han Dynasty, characters should not be neglected."

In 1977, he embarked on a two-year endeavor to transcribe and edit inscriptions on unearthed Shang and Zhou Dynasty bronze vessels of the newly founded People's Republic of China. This effort culminated in the publication of the book "Collection of Yin and Zhou Inscriptions," later published by Sichuan People's Publishing House. In 1979, he enrolled in the History Department of Sichuan University, studying under the tutelage of the renowned Chinese historian and paleographer, Mr. Xu Zhongshu. He participated in the compilation of the first Chinese "Oracle Bone Script Dictionary" edited by Mr. Xu. Over the span of eight years, he transcribed over fifty thousand oracle bone characters and collected more than twenty thousand examples of oracle bone inscriptions, contributing to the eleventh volume of the dictionary, which was published in 1988 by Sichuan Lexicographical Publishing House.

Under the influence of Mr. Xu Zhongshu's academic thoughts, he established his research direction in paleography, pre-Qin history, and the study of calligraphy and epigraphy. He authored works such as "The Relationship between the Style and Chronology of Oracle Bone Script Inscriptions."