燕处超然 Yan Chu Chao Ran

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Artist: Huang Bo 黄波

Media: Chinese Calligraphy on Rice Paper

Size: 23 x 27 in (58 x 69 cm).


燕处超然 Yan Chu Chao Ran(篆书 Seal Script)

《道德经》第二十六章 重为轻根,静为躁君。是以君子终日行不离辎重,虽有荣观,燕处超然。奈何万乘之主,而以身轻天下?轻则失根,躁则失君

Chapter 26 of the Tao Te Ching: Heaviness is the root of lightness; calmness is the master of impetuosity. Therefore, the nobleman all day long does not stray from the weightiness. Even when there is splendor and grandeur, he remains detached like an observer. But how can the lord of ten thousand chariots treat the world lightly? Lightness leads to loss of roots; impetuosity leads to loss of mastery.

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