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CTTP 松鹤遐龄 The Pine and The Red-crowned Crane

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Artist: Li, Weisong 李巍松

Collector: Yan, Dacheng  阎达成

Media: Chinese Painting on Silk

Size: 26 x 15 in. (66 x 39 cm)



"松鹤遐龄" carries the beautiful connotation of longevity, likening someone to the ageless qualities of pine trees and cranes. In ancient times, both pine trees and cranes were symbols of outstanding character and were also associated with the wishes for a happy and enduring life.

The artist has employed a clever composition in this painting. The celestial crane gracefully dances in the pine breeze, appearing as if a celestial being has descended. The crane is depicted solely with white lines in a bold and precise manner. The artist has delicately added a touch of vermilion to highlight the crane's crown, creating a vivid contrast against the ink-washed background. The overall effect, enhanced by the ink wash background, is enchanting, akin to the feeling of basking in the gentle breeze of spring, evoking a sense of tranquility and joy.

Giclée works (limited edition) Available 高仿限量版作品

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CTTP 松鹤遐龄 The Pine and The Red-crowned Crane